Aesthetic equipment

Today's fast evolving  technology is giving birth to innovative aesthetic equipment which medaesthetic professionals could only dream of just five, three or even two years ago.

In order to hold their place in the industry Aesthetic medical centers must not neglect rejuvenating their equipment. CEO's are always challenged to make informative decisions about when and what to buy.

There are twice as many aesthetic equipment producers today than there were ten years ago. This is due to the rapid rise in global demand for medaesthetic treatments and the assimilation of cutting edge technologies, in all relevant fields such as laser, IR and radio frequency, into production capabilities.

Patients today are much better informed and demand in-depth explanations as to the ins and outs of the treatments recommended. It is not uncommon to have patients grill physicians, asking for specifications of the equipment at their disposal, such machineries' track record, how much experience has been accumulated using the suggested devices in the clinic, how experienced are the equipments handlers, how regimented is it's maintenance etc.

It seems that the stage is set for the oncoming of aesthetic equipment no longer utilizing  just one form of energy,  but rather combining the capabilities of several technologies into a single, state of the art appliance.
A good example of this is the omnimax developed, manufactured and sold by SharpLight, a leading aesthetic medical device company based in Israel.

Aesthetic equipment combining capabilities of two or more technologies is the result of a quest for providing optimal solutions needed by medaesthetic centers and enabling them to produce excellent results for patients looking for facial skin treatments, hair reduction, acne scars, pigmented legions, varicose veins and body contouring.

When looking to add or upgrade the equipment in your medaesthetic clinic you must ultimately ask yourself – Why choose if you can have all options at your disposal?
It is also important to remember that it is a proven fact that combined technology treatments are more effective.