IR machinery for sale

Infra Red light has become a fundamental technology in medaesthetic treatments. In the market today is an abundance of IR machinery for sale. It is surprising to discover just how wide the range of prices is for such equipment.

When contemplating the purchase of new IR aesthetic equipment for your clinic it is sometimes a difficult task to identify your exact needs and to find equipment which holds the best value for money. In this article we attempt to give an overview of what is in store for you when researching into IR machinery for sale.

The Use of IR in Medaesthetic Treatments
Infra Red light is defined as light at wavelengths of between 1mm – 750 nm. The term "Near Infra Red" (also common to the medaesthetic practice) relates to the range adjacent to the visible spectrum (400 nm – 750). The term "Far Infra Red" is used to describe IR wavelengths furthest from visible light and adjacent to the beginning of microwave wavelengths (1mm and up).

Light at IR wavelength is used in a variety of medaesthetic treatments. These include hair reduction treatments as well as many kinds of skin treatments.

What to Look for In IR Machinery for Sale
The rapid advance of the medaesthetic field at offering better and safer dermatologic and cosmetic treatments has led to regular improvements being made by manufacturers to IR machinery for sale.

One of the latest innovations available in some models of leading manufacturers, such as SharpLight, is combining IR capabilities with one or more other technologies, i.e. lazer, DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) and RF (Radio Frequency).  
IR machinery for sale today will vary considerably in terms of capabilities, user interface, pricing, reliability and overall quality.  

The basic principals of IR treatments are usually common knowledge among medaesthetic professionals. But the particulars of treatment cycles with proven success rates are well worth taking the time to study. The best scenario is to have such instruction delivered by representatives of the manufacturers of new aesthetic equipment. For this reason it is a good idea to look for IR machinery for sale by manufacturers who offer such instruction as a service to their customers.