Aesthetic Medical Device Companies

We are in the midst of a boom in the field of medaesthetic treatments. It is estimated that in the US alone over 20 billion dollars are spent annually on aesthetic treatments.

This boom has turned the market of Aesthetic medical devices into one of the fastest growing markets in the world. At an annual growth rate of 20% It is estimated that by 2011 in the US  this market had long since exceeded the 1 billion dollar annually mark.

In such conditions it is interesting to learn who the major Aesthetic medical device companies are, where in the world they are located, their areas of expertise and how well they are riding the wave of growing demand for high quality, innovative aesthetic equipment.

There is a definite clustering of aesthetic medical device companies. Many major ones are located in the united states (mostly in Boston, Massachusetts and the silicone valley). Other companies are located in the Far East (mainly south Korea) and Israel.

Typical Characteristics
There are two kinds of Aesthetic medical device companies, ones where the manufacturing of Aesthetic machines comprises the bulk of their activities and others which deal in production of medical devices for numerous treatment fields, medaesthetic among them.

Naturally, companies manufacturing a wide range of medical instrumentation will tend to be fairly big corporations. Pure-play companies, ones specializing in aesthetic equipment, tend to be relatively small and share a typical market value of between 200-250 million dollars.

In terms of age aesthetic medical device companies vary greatly. Some are veterans founded in the 1980's, others are well established firms in operation since the 1990's while still more have been founded quite recently.

The Future Belongs to Leading Innovators

Because of the rapid evolution in the use of lazer, DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control), RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infrared) technologies in medaesthetic treatments aesthetic medical device companies which are able to continually launch innovative equipment will be awarded a growing share of market activity.

When talking of innovative aesthetic medical device companies, SharpLight of Israel is proud to be one amongst those that come to mind.  This company has regularly turned out aesthetic devices which combine two or more technologies. Such hybrid systems enable Physicians in msedaesthetic clinics to perform ever more complex and effective treatments.