Cosmetic Equipment

The quest for good looks, unending youth (or for the least attractive aging) and enhanced physical attractiveness has given rise to an impressive line of aesthetic cosmetic equipment. Such equipment is constantly being updated by aesthetic medical device companies (there are twice as many such manufacturers today than there were ten years ago).

Medaesthetic clinics wishing to remain competitive must constantly monitor the advances being made and how they manifest themselves in the cosmetic equipment they must have at their disposal.

Technologies in Medaesthetic Cosmetic Equipment
There are basically four types of technologies at play in cosmetic equipment used in medaesthetic treatments. These include LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), IR (Infra Red), RF (Radio Wave) and DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control).

These technologies have proven useful in a wide range of cosmetic medical treatments such as hair reduction, body contouring, skin blemish removal, skin rejuvenation, removal of vascular lesions and many more.

These technologies have been in use in the medaesthetic field for over two decades. But still clinics must constantly update the aesthetic equipment at their disposal. This is due to the rapid advances brought on by ever improving harnessing of each technology, new research into treatment possibilities and into effectively combining two or more technologies for achievement of better therapeutic results.

Patient Satisfaction
Today's patients are well informed, they are no longer inclined towards allowing physicians to blindly dictate the recommended course of treatment.

Medaesthetic professionals must not only be proficient at operating the cosmetic equipment itself but also in explaining to patients, both in advance and during the course of treatments, just how the desired results are to be achieved and what dictates the choosing of the various variables involved (such as wavelength, pulse power / duration, number of pulses per treatment etc.).

Keeping patients actively involved in the decision making process goes a long way towards ensuring their ultimate satisfaction.

Latest Innovations
It seems that the way forward is being paved by leading medaesthetic cosmetic equipment manufacturers which have begun to combine different technologies into single aesthetic machines.

A good example is SharpLight's latest devices which allow physicians to utilize in the course of a single therapeutic session two or more of the cutting edge technologies incorporated into their products.