Cosmetic Laser Machines

In 1959 Gordon Gould, a physicist working at the university of Columbia, published a paper where the term LASER appeared for the fist time, it stands for Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In the course of the next few decades countless uses for Laser light were found, amongst these is in cosmetic laser machines.

Laser technology has become an integral part of our life. It is used in an almost incomprehensibly wide range of processes, from nuclear fusion through fiber optic communication, industrial cutting, barcode readers, laser printers for our PCs etc.
In cosmetic medicine, laser machines developed along with other medicinal uses of laser, such as in eye surgery, soft tissue surgery, the laser scalpel, laser therapy (photobiomodulation), various dental uses (even teeth whitening) and much more.


Laser technology in cosmetic treatments
Nowadays laser technology is increasingly being used in cosmetic treatments, both intrusive and non intrusive medaesthetic ones. No modern medaesthetic clinic can remain competitive without regularly updating the cosmetic laser machines at their disposal. Among the various cosmetic treatments carried out by laser are hair reduction, wrinkle reduction, treatment of acne scars (and other types of scars), removal of skin blemishes (such as age spots and moles), treatment of vascular legions and even tattoo removal.

Evolution of medaesthetic cosmetic laser machines 
Evolution of cosmetic laser machines is dictated by the rapid assimilation of Laser technology into cosmetic medicine. it is a necessary response to the constant developments, innovations and endless research resulting ultimately in new found treatment possibilities. Aesthetic medical device manufacturers are constantly marketing new laser machines, both as new editions of existing models as well as innovative, cutting edge, aesthetic equipment.

Effectiveness and Risks
How effective cosmetic laser procedures are, depends on a number of factors. Among these are making the right choice of device for the treatment, how experienced and professional the Physician / technician operating the device is, the wavelength of the laser beam chosen to target the tissue, choosing the appropriate power for the energy pulse, the number of pulses per treatment, length of pulses.  The variables listed are affected mainly by the characteristics of skin and hair color a patient has. There is no denying the risks involved in cosmetic laser treatments; however these can be practically eliminated through professional and responsible use of the advanced cosmetic laser machines available today.