Skin Treatment Equipment

Medaesthetic skin treatment equipment is designed to offer non intrusive options to cosmetic surgery, such as face lifts and other procedures which are conducted in order to achieve healthier, smoother, younger looking skin.

The enormous, almost unbelievable, technological advances which all aesthetic equipment has undergone during the last two decades is true also to skin treatment equipment. Today there are three main technologies governing this field of non intrusive aesthetic medicine.

How our skin looks is a major factor in overall appearance. Anyone seeking to improve the way they conceive themselves, at least as far as looks are concerned, inevitably allocates a high level of importance to possible skin treatments. Among the most common items on potential patients’ wish lists are removal of skin blemishes, elimination of wrinkles and improving overall skin complexion.

Any medaesthetic clinic wishing to remain competitive must place at the hands of their staff skin treatment equipment which enables performance of every latest treatment available. Patients today are well informed and will not settle for any less.


Technologies Commonly  Used in Skin Treatment Equipment
The three main technologies involved in performing medaesthetic skin treatments are IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Laser and IR (Infra Red) radiation.

IPL is used for removing pigmentation, such as that caused by over exposure to the sun's harmful ultra violet rays. It is up to the skin treatment equipment operators to choose the specific wave length of the intense pulse of light projected, a correct wave length will basically destroy the pigmentation at hand.
IPL will also cause a process of renewal of collagen cells which in turn work to tighten the skin at the area treated, making it look and feel younger.

Laser technology is used mainly in skin treatment equipment designed to eliminate wrinkles and different types of scars, such as ones left by old wound or acne scars. It may even be used for removing tattoos.

IR radiation is used to penetrate the top layers of skin and heat deeper levels. This triggers high collagen production which makes for an almost miraculous change in skin complexion.

Thanks to state of the art skin treatment equipment it is now possible to offer highly efficient medaesthetic treatments which posses heavy weighing advantages over more intrusive cosmetic surgery options.