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Laser equipment is widely used in non intrusive cosmetic medicine, so much so that no medaesthetic clinic can be completely lacking in laser aesthetic equipment

Laser Technology is used in numerous medaesthetic treatments, from unwanted hair removal (fast becoming the most popular medaesthetic treatment), to many kinds of skin treatments such as wrinkle reduction, removal of acne scars, vascular legions, age spots and other skin blemishes.

Laser equipment also takes part in some kinds of body sculpting treatments. Even tattoo removal is accomplished through the use of laser technology.

Incorporating Laser Equipment into Medaesthetics
Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) was first developed by the physicist Gordon Gould of the University of Columbia. It was he who, in 1959, published a paper making this new technology public. There is no way he could have anticipated how widely used his invention is destined to become.
Today laser equipment play s a role in almost every aspect of our lives, from bar code readers to fiber optic communications;  there are laser printers for our personal computers, laser pointers for lecturers, laser scalpels for surgeons, laser teeth whitening, the list is truly endless.

Laser equipment was first used in the medaesthetic field during the late 1980's. It was then that non intrusive cosmetic medicine began to be acknowledged as offering effective alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Since then research into possible uses of laser technology in medaesthetic has led to "lipo laser" (laser body sculpting treatments), laser unwanted hair removal, laser skin treatments and much more.

The Challenge Laser Equipment Manufacturers Face
There are few medical fields which evolve so rapidly as medaesthetic. Our natural inclination towards wanting to look our best combined with the fact that we are living longer and more active lives have given birth to an ever growing demand for effective, easy to endure, non intrusive, safe and inexpensive cosmetic medical treatments.

Laser equipment manufacturers are called upon to constantly develop machines which provide medaesthetic clinics' staff with all they require in order to perform the very latest treatments introduced. Since new research is always underway the race to produce laser equipment with all necessary functions is a fierce one.