Hair Reduction

Hair reduction treatments, also known as unwanted hair removal, have become the third most popular of all non intrusive cosmetic treatments available in medaesthetic clinics in the United States today.

Considering that such treatments only appeared with the introduction of the first cosmetic laser machines in the 1990's  this fact demonstrates how efficient and worthwhile medaesthetic hair reduction treatments are.

A well known characteristic of our race is the quest for attractive appearance and long lasting youth. It is this that drives forward developments in the medaesthetic field. Removal of hair from areas where it is deemed unbecoming is a relatively simple way to enhance one's self esteem, allowing us to feel better about our bodies and improve the way we look.  

Hair Reduction Equipment
For the reasons described above, no medaesthetic clinic can stay competitive without high quality hair reduction equipment. Aesthetic companies have long realized this and continue to develop new and improved machines which utilize several technologies and enable clinic staff to administer the latest treatment protocols.  

Four different technologies take part in hair reduction treatments (also known as "Epilation").
The very first epilation treatments were conducted using LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), Laser hair removal machines have been in use since the 1990's.

The next technology to be harnessed towards hair reduction treatments was IPL (Intense Pulse Light). This technology made treatments easier to endure. It allows for satisfactory results but a greater number of treatments is usually called for.

Next in line came LHE (Light Heat Energy). This technology is actually a combination of the latter two. It carried hair reduction treatments forward in terms of the quality of their results.

The most recent technology to be introduced into medaesthetic hair reduction equipment is DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control). Only highly skilled medaesthetic professionals can administer hair reduction treatments using DPC, excellent results may then be achieved with patients possessing a wide variety of skin tones, hair colors and hair types.

What to Expect from Hair Reduction Treatments
Hair reduction is intentionally not called "Hair removal". This is because treatments do remove unwanted hair but only some of it permanently. Some re-growth of hair over treated areas is inevitable. The more efficient the treatment the less hair will grow back and the longer it will take for this to occur.