Acne Machine Products

Acne machine products are any type of equipment used in medaesthetic clinics for administering non-intrusive skin treatments designed to help in eliminating acne legions.

Tremendous development has taken place in the field of acne machine products over the last two decades. The treatments available today are extremely effective and produce long lasting results.

In cases where there are reoccurring outbreaks of acne there is no limitation regarding how many cycles of such treatments may be administered. Furthermore, unlike many other types of treatments, there is no gradual reduction in affectivity as more cycles of treatments are embarked upon (i.e, for instance the fifth cycle will be just as effective as the first cycle).

A Little about Acne
Acne is the most common skin disorder. Almost all of us, at some point in life, suffer from some sort of acne in some degree of severity. Mild cases of acne require no treatment apart from more meticulous hygiene for the area affected. Severe cases of acne definitely call for intensive treatment as acne legions may leave lifetime scars, some of which might be quite deep and prominent.  Acne machine products are designed with just the above mentioned advisable treatments in mind.

There are several possible types of acne legions, comedones ( "white heads" or "black heads"), papules (pinheads or their larger counterparts nodules), seborrhea, pustules ("pimples").

Acne has a way of harming self esteem. In adolescence, a period of life during which we are most susceptible to acne,  this may result in reduced development of important social skills.

Technologies Used In Acne Machine Products
Acne machine products will generally employ some type of phototherapeutic technology (treatment by some type of light). Among these are UV (Ultra Violet), Laser, LHE (Light Heat Energy), Blue light and IPL (Intense Pulse Light). An RF machine (Radio Frequency) may be used in follow up treatments in order to induce accelerated production of collagen which improves overall skin complexion. 

During the early days of acne machine products the most widely used technology was UV. This technology, although still used in some medaesthetic clinics, has since lost much of its popularity due to the realization that the suns UV rays are harmful to the skin.