When practitioners are weighting which medical aesthetic platform they should buy, they are actually debating on which set of treatments to add and which technologies provides the best results? While choosing one option, other good alternatives are being waived?

So why choose when you can have it all?


SharpLight’s innovative approach is leading the industry with an advanced concept which blends multiple technologies in a single medaesthetic platform. This approach enables forward thinking clinics to gradually expand their range of services, evolve into an aesthetic center and serve their patient’s entire needs.

With multiple technologies at their disposable, practitioners are free to choose the most effective one or combine them into a combined therapy protocol, taking advantage on the varied penetration depths and intensity of treatments. SharpLight’s clinical program offers a multiple technologies protocols for effective and faster sessions.

Not just that this wide range of supported services improves clinics turnaround with more patients and more treatments, it also enables them to provide them with tailored packages to improve the total well being, increasing client share and customer satisfaction.

The multiple technology concept is embodied in SharpLight’s flagship product, OmniMax™ a Laser, RF*, IR and DPC in one platform. 


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*SharpLight's RF Technology is not cleared for marketing in the U.S.

*Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.