Turning knowledge into a complete business system

SharpLight Technologies is part of the American Laser Clinics Group (AML). American Laser Clinics was founded in 1999 as one of the first medical aesthetic chains in the world that performs all treatments under one roof.


Dermo-aesthetics Plastic surgery  Dental treatments (laser)  Vision correction



American Laser Clinics has thirteen centers across Israel that employ more than 80 physicians. To date, AML has served more than 100,000 customers/patients and performed more than one million treatments.


A professional approach

● Treatments are performed by qualified physicians who are supervised by specialist medical advisors
● AML clinics are under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health
● Treatment rooms are modern, well-equipped, sterile and spacious
● AML uses advanced technologies for optimal results
● AML clinics bear ISO 9001:2000 certification


Clinically-driven success


SharpLight is different from other medical aesthetic equipment suppliers. Through our roots in clinical practice, we continually learn from the experiences of our professional staff, from our customers/patients, and from our business staff. This allows us to develop and improve safe, effective, easy-to-use equipment, optimal approaches to treatment, and advantageous business methods.


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