DPC: (Dynamic Pulse Control)

SharpLight's unique technology


DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) is a unique technology offering three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse. This proprietary technology maximizes the practitioner’s control of treatment parameters, thus providing a wide range of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin types, in most treatment cases, in all treatment stages.


Laser technology for dermatology use was invented in the mid-70s. It was a technological breakthrough yet limited in many ways. The intense pulsed light (IPL) technology that was invented in the 90's still could not overcome all limitations. After 10 years of research conducted in American Laser Clinics, SharpLight introduced its unique DPC technology (Dynamic Pulse Control) in 2006.


Single, consistent peak: ideal for treatment of darker skin types; thick dark hair; textural improvement; big dark vascular and pigmented lesions; moderate acne


Multiple pulses: ideal for treatment of medium skin types; medium thick brown hair; medium vascular and pigmented lesions; mild acne          Multiple high-peak pulses: ideal for light skin types; light thin hair; light vascular and pigmented lesions



DPC clinical advantages


Three stages of treatments for maximum results


DPC shortens the number of treatment sessions


Up to 95% hair removal



Case study: Skin type III, armpit hair reduction treatment


SharpLight’s devices FORMAX, FORMAX PLUS and OMNIMAX include DPC. It offers the possibility to choose, manually or automatically, three different pulse configurations in one aesthetic device: Smooth, Long or High.
DPC technology, brings the practitioner the highest safety treatment conditions, most desirable effectiveness and patient comfort