Laser Equipment

Cosmetic Laser Equipment

Cosmetic laser equipment has been in ever growing use since the beginning of the 1980's. This is quite incredible considering that Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) technology was only first introduced in 1959, by physicist Gordon Gould of the University of Columbia.

The integration of cosmetic Laser machines into the medaesthetic field has come hand in hand with the development of numerous medicinal uses for laser technology.
Once there were laser scalpels, laser eye surgery, laser photo-bio-modulation therapy etc. it was only natural that cosmetic laser equipment would enable physicians in medaesthetic clinics to perform ever more complex and efficient treatments.

The Role of Cosmetic Laser Equipment
Cosmetic laser equipment is used in a variety of aesthetic treatments such as removal of different kinds of skin blemishes, unwanted hair removal, anti aging wrinkle treatments, treating vascular legions (such as "port wine stains" and "spider veins"), elimination of acne scars as well as other types of scars (even tattoos) and much more.

Without being equipped with up to date cosmetic laser equipment no modern medaesthetic clinic can offer the full range of cosmetic treatments which today's potential clients have grown accustomed to. 

In many cases laser technology is combined with other capabilities, such as Infra Red (IR), for obtaining best possible results. This is why leading manufacturers of aesthetic equipment have begun to combine different technologies into single machines. Worth mentioning in this realm are the latest models by SharpLight.

High Tech Equipment Requires Highly Skilled Operators
In some areas the marketing of ever more advanced machinery means that achieving good results becomes easier and can be done by less professional operators. This is not the case with cosmetic laser equipment. Only well trained personnel will be able to make full use of the almost miraculous capabilities such equipment offers. For this reason top of the line manufacturers, such as SharpLight, now offer training to physicians working in clinics which chose to invest in their products.