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The Omnimax cross-technological platform offers a vast range of applications in facial skin treatments, hair removal and hair reduction treatments, body contouring and medical aesthetics. It lets you provide a total aesthetic solution that goes beyond targeted treatments to embrace the patient's overall well-being. The combination of four powerful technologies* with the vast range of handpieces dramatically shortens treatment’s time and enhances clinical results.


Versatile and extendable design


The Omnimax platform allows clinics to gradually grow, adding new applications as the business develops.


Improved clinical results


By blending multiple technologies into a complete comprehensive therapy procedure, Omnimax proves to be a fast worker station, maximizing clinical results in fewer treatments.


Enhanced range of services


The unique Omnimax paradigm enables you to expand the services available to existing customers, as well as attracting new customers and enlarging your market share by offering various treatment packages.


Simpler and safer


Easy access to a wide variety of technologies, together with pre-set protocols simplifies procedures, thus ensuring safer, more successful treatments.




OMNIMAX Treatments Worldwide, except the USA



OMNIMAX Specifications Worldwide, except the USA




OMNIMAX Treatments, specifically for the USA



OMNIMAX Specifications, specifically for the USA







*RF pending FDA clearance

*Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician