Technical Support


Service Policy


SharpLight is committed to providing high quality products and fast, efficient customer service. Highly professional and internationally recognized engineers stand behind every one of our products. Our QA team assures that our products meet the strictest industry standards. Driven by clinical background, we understand the importance of keeping you business running. That’s why we employ well-trained and dedicated technicians to minimize downtime and support you with any problem that may occur.


We emphasize end-user satisfaction, supporting our partners in a way that allows them effectively support their customers.



Technical Training


As part of SharpLight’s cooperation with its worldwide partners, SharpLight provides four days of intensive technical training. The program is an opportunity to gain profound technical knowledge of SharpLight systems. It presents SharpLight’s service policy and teaches ways to deal with issues that might arise. The technical training is designated for qualified technicians.




For technical support, write to: